A fisherman in Australia’s remote Northern Territory says his dream is to take his boat to the Great Australian Barrier Reef, and it’s not going to be easy.

Mateo Garcia told the ABC he hopes to sail on his new boat from Brisbane, Australia’s second largest city, to Darwin, on April 1.

Garcia, a member of the Great Seal of Australia, is a member and captain of the Marana Passage and has been sailing for 10 years.

He said the idea came to him while watching the film “The Cove.”

He said he hopes his voyage will make people realize the huge diversity of the reef and its people.

He says he’s planning to use his boat as a way to teach his kids about the reef.

He hopes to make it the first solo trip by a member.GARCIA said his journey will be to the reef, but that he won’t be able to take everyone.

“I’m trying to take people that have been in the water for a long time, who are from different countries, different countries in different parts of the world, who may have a different life experience, and hopefully bring them to a place where they’ll be able see the reef,” he said.

“It’s a huge place that I’m not going there to just look at the bottom of the sea.”

So, hopefully, by being there and being part of the community and learning about it, I can hopefully be a part of it.”GARCia says he hopes people will get a chance to see the Reef from his boat.”

People that have a really big boat, and they’re going to the beach and they go out there and they come back to the boat and they have a drink or some food,” he explained.”

If you can come along and take a look around and see what’s there, I think people will see it.

“He says his boat is only 20 metres long, but it’s the size of a small family’s car.

He also said he will have to get permission from authorities in Darwin before taking on passengers.

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