By Mark Furlong/The Canadian PressB.

C.’s biggest manufacturer of fairline boats is making a major announcement on Tuesday, offering a raft of new boat parts and accessories to B,C.


The new listings are part of a broader effort by Fairline to sell boat parts in the province, including new boats that were once rare or very rare to begin with, but now are readily available on eBay and other websites.

B.L. Boat Co., which manufactures the Fairline Fairline, Fairline Classic, Fairlini and Fairline Mini, announced Tuesday that it will add more than 60 new parts to its inventory, bringing the total to more than 500, including boat components, accessories and boat accessories.

The company also plans to introduce a new boat model in 2018, which will feature a new fairline hull.

Fairline will also introduce a redesigned Fairline 5K boat.

The Fairline boats, which have been around since the 1970s, have been in production for several years.

B.L.’s Fairline 10 and Fairlines 5K boats have been among the best-selling boats in the country, with the latter the company’s best-sellers.

In the U.S., Fairline was the most popular boat brand in 2016, and was sold to Bancroft & Harriman for $8.5 billion.

Bancrow is the company that owned the brand in the U, Canada and the U-S.

in the mid-1990s.

The Bancross brand also had a resurgence in the late 1990s, and Fair Line began producing boats in 2001.

Bancrott, which was acquired by Bancros, in 2004, became the second-largest boat maker in the world, and Bancrth and B.A.S. are still Bancrot’s main competitors.

Fair Line also sells boats to U.K. buyers, and also has a presence in Japan.

Fairline said it expects to begin selling boat accessories in the spring.

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