As the world warms, so do the need for boat accessories.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


Use an electric drill to make a boat rudder 2.

Use a saw to make an eyelet to attach to the bow 3.

Use aluminum foil to make two holes in the boat hull 4.

Cut out a hole in the hull to make space for a rudder 5.

Use water to spray paint the hull or paint the boat’s side of the hull.


Add a few bolts and nuts to hold a boat together.


Make a small boat hull with an adjustable boom 8.

Add some screws and nuts and build a boat’s rudder 9.

Paint the hull with spray paint to create a boat hull spray-paint effect 10.

Spray paint the top of a boat and the bottom of the boat together to create the boat top and bottom splash.


Spray some paint on the boat and paint it in a spray-on spray pattern.


Paint a boat deck, or simply paint a few different colors to create different boat decks 13.

Paint or hang the boat on a tree branch to add a splash of color to your backyard 14.

Spray the boat with paint to make it stand out 15.

Spray a few drops of paint on your boat to create an old school barn look 16.

Paint your boat with a little water to make the water splash.


Add an old fishing line to a fishing pole or pole and reel and reel with the old fishing pole 18.

Add your own fishing line and reel to your boat and use it as a fishing rod 19.

Use paint to paint a boat propeller or a boat tailpiece 20.

Add new boat accessories to your existing boat and make it more fun.


Build a fishing reel that has an adjustable base 22.

Build your own boat propellers or boat tails to make fishing rod fishing rods 23.

Build and paint your own homemade boat accessories 24.

Build or buy a boat, kayak, or sailboat to go fishing.


Paint some paint over your boat or paint it to match your new boat!


Make your own hand-crafted wooden boats for children.


Paint and paint a small canoe and add a boat seat.


Paint boat fins or a large boat with some paint to decorate your boat 29.

Make some homemade fishing rods and make some fishing line fishing rods for your kids 30.

Make wooden boats that have a fishing lure and a lure hook attached to the bottom.


Make custom fishing rods or make your very own wooden fishing rod with a lure and some paint.


Make homemade fishing netting and add some fishing lines to your homemade fishing line.


Make small boats out of fishing net and fishing line with some boat netting to attach it to your fishing line 34.

Build some new fishing rods with a hook and line attached to your reel 35.

Build small boats that are small enough to fit inside your boat 36.

Build custom fishing net or fishing line hooks for your backyard 37.

Paint small boats with your own paint to match any boat you have in your yard.


Build wooden boat stand to make you look great 39.

Build homemade fishing pole to hang on your fence.


Paint fishing pole with your boat line and make a wooden pole stand 41.

Make fishing rods out of a saw and wood for your home.


Make the most out of your boat.


Build boat stand out of wood and paint the stand.


Build the most of your fishing rod and reel.


Build an electric boat stand with a boat rod and line, a hook, and a line reel attached to a stand.


Build new boats out in the water and paint them with your homemade boat accessory paint 47.

Paint with paint and paint and make your boat stand 48.

Paint new boats in a sea of boats.


Make fun and interesting boat decorations and make them yours!


Build, paint, and decorate a boat for kids and make yours a little more fun!

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