A new breed of sailboat has been developed in Australia, with one manufacturer describing the vessel as “the ultimate all-purpose sailboat”.

The sailboat is a small vessel, with a capacity of just 1,500 tonnes.

But it can easily accommodate more than 2,000 people and is very fast.

The boat is also built to withstand extreme conditions.

The new vessel, a Tige B-15A, was developed by Australia’s Maritime Engineering and Design (MEADS) organisation and has been awarded the National Maritime Award.

It is designed to be a light, efficient, lightweight and powerful sailboat with a strong design and innovative features.

The Tige Boat is designed by Australia-based firm TEGAS Maritime Systems.

It was built to carry the boat’s two main parts: a sail and a crane.

The crane is the vessel’s anchor, while the sail is its anchor.

The Tige is also able to carry a small cargo.

Its cargo capacity is about 2,200 tonnes, or a little over one-third of the maximum capacity of a sail vessel.

But there are some other design features that make the Tige stand out from other small boats.

The boat has a unique structure, with two vertical and two horizontal wings on each side.

Each wing is made of a single piece of steel.

These wings are also very light.

In addition, the TEGS system also includes a floating crane that can be launched by an emergency power generator.

This system allows the Tegs boat to be lifted from the water with a crane on its back.TEGS also developed a watertight hull to protect the boat from saltwater and rainwater.

The hull is made from lightweight materials that are highly resistant to corrosion.

The design has a very high beam and a very low hull.

The lower hull is a bit wider than the upper hull, and the longer hull allows for a much greater volume of water than a smaller boat.

The hull also allows the vessel to be moved to different areas, and there are also specialised landing platforms that allow for boats to land on land and then return to the water.

The vessel has a number of features that distinguish it from other sailboats.

For example, there are no sails on the deck.

Instead, the deck is made up of four sections, each with two sails.

These sail sections are supported by steel cables, and they can be detached with a hook attached to the boat.

Tegs is also the first manufacturer of a boat that is completely electric.

It can be charged via a solar panel, which can then be used to charge the battery.

The battery, which weighs about 600 kilograms, can be easily placed on top of the hull.

The tige is the latest generation of sailboats, which are used by the navy to transport cargo to and from ships.

They are designed to sail in rough seas and can reach speeds of up to 35 knots.

But the cost of the boat has been rising.

According to The Australian Maritime Safety Authority, the cost for the TIGAS B-14 boat in 2015-16 was about AU$1.8 million (AU$1,543,500), up from AU$945,000 in 2014-15.

But this figure is likely to rise significantly.

The boats are designed by Australian firm TSEA, which has also developed an electric yacht, the FLEX, that can operate at speeds of 25 knots.

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