By: Ben SargentThis article originally appeared on Breitbart News.

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The boat was built by an American handicap and travel guide, who went by the name of Ben S. The boat was owned by the owner of the family who owned the boat, who was also the owner and manager of the business that had been using it.

Ben was traveling to a vacation resort in Thailand, and had to buy the boat for a friend who was traveling with her.

He had to take care of the paperwork for her visa and buy the fuel.

He told me that he did not want to give the boat to his friend, and instead, he had her purchase it himself.

The trip to Thailand was very busy, and Ben was not able to keep up with the paperwork, and the boat was a little over a year old when he got there.

He ended up spending the whole trip in a hotel in Thailand.

He would drive up from his home to the resort and then, if he wanted to, he would have to wait outside and wait for the hotel staff to arrive.

He never knew when he would get to pick up his friend.

When he arrived in Thailand and bought the boat in late November, Ben and the owner were both very nervous.

They were worried that the owner might not be able to take the boat home with him, and that the boat would not be allowed back into the country.

They went to the airport, and when they got to the hotel, they both went to check in.

There, they checked into their hotel rooms, and they got their passports and their visas, and then they both got their bags, and just left.

The owner of Ben’s boat did not have any trouble paying for the boat.

He just had to find a place that would allow him to rent it out, and he bought a motel and rented it out.

The owner of that hotel was very kind to Ben, and took care of all the paperwork and the transportation.

Ben went back to his home, and was able to rent out the boat as a handicap, so he was able at that point to be back at work.

But that is not the best of Ben.

Ben has some issues with his own boat.

The owners of the boat that he rented out had it repainted, so the boat looked a little different, and his owner’s son was taking the boat down to the beach and taking photos.

Ben’s father, who has arthritis in his knees, was a passenger on the boat at that time, and it did not look right.

Ben wanted to get the boat repainted in his own house, so they went to a local shop that had repainted boats before and said, “Look, we have a boat that needs to be repainted.”

And they painted it in their house.

The shop said, you know what, we’ll do it for free, and we’ll have a truck that we can take it to.

They painted it all over.

They put a big yellow banner on it that said, This boat needs to go to a paint shop.

And they went right up to the house, and got their truck.

The family that owned the house has a lot of money.

They had a lot to pay for the repaint, and all the kids were on the road with them, and everyone was in tears, because they were so upset.

I said, Well, I don’t know if you guys want this boat or not.

It’s just not right.

I didn’t know that this boat was going to go into Thailand.

I told the owner, I think it’s just too big for me to handle.

I was in the middle of trying to find an alternative to get this boat back into use, so I gave the boat back to Ben.

But they didn’t want to do that, and so they did not repaint it.

The owners of Ben and his boat did have the boat repaired, but that is a long process.

The repair was done by an English company called Sea Bricks.

I am not sure if that is the name Ben uses for his company.

I was at the shop that painted the boat when Ben showed up, and I saw him.

I saw that he had his wife in the truck, and her name was Stephanie, and she said, We’re going to have to have a conversation about this.

He said, I’m not sure about it, but we’re going back to England, and if you have a problem with the boat and you have an issue with your own boat, then you’re going on your own.

I asked Stephanie if she wanted to talk to me, and Stephanie said, What do you mean?

I said you’re an Englishman.

And she said I am an Englishwoman.She said,

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