By M.E. DOUGHTY, Associated Press writerAt the end of last year, I was visiting the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, on a two-day research trip.

I had just returned from a four-week trip in the northern Amazon, where I saw the effects of a severe drought on farming and fishing communities.

I was excited to spend time with the people who live there, to share my experience and to learn about how the drought has affected the lives of many.

But the weather was far from ideal, and the trip’s weather forecast said it could rain.

The weather forecast didn’t even mention that rain.

I didn’t know how bad it would get until we were on the boat.

It started to rain.

We were in the middle of the Oaxacán river, on the edge of the rain forest, and I knew that if we kept paddling, we would be unable to make it home to the coast.

I knew I would miss the boat, but I also knew that I would not want to be on it.

The Oaxacan River, a tributary of the U.S. Rio Grande, flows through Oaxahocas country.

It flows through the heart of Oza-Azteca, Mexico’s largest city, and it’s one of the most important rivers in the country.

For centuries, it has played a major role in agriculture and commerce in the region.

Oaxalans, who make up a small fraction of the country’s population, rely on it for water.

They live in one of Oahu’s most isolated communities, called Oaxamos, in the Amazon Basin.

Ozaamos is about 200 miles north of the Rio Grande.

The river is so dry that the only way to get across is by boat.

For a population that relies on boats to make their living, that’s not ideal.

And yet, the Ozaacan is also a major source of water for the rest of Mexico.

The Rio Grande has been a waterway for centuries, supplying water to farmers, ranchers and other water users throughout the country and supplying millions of gallons of water to the state of Ojo, which is home to Oaxaba, Oaxa and Oaxos.

But since 2015, Ozaacas agriculture has been devastated by a devastating drought that’s led to a shortage of water and to a spike in human deaths and economic losses.

The drought has reduced Oaxas annual harvest by about 50 percent and forced many communities to move to higher ground, to avoid the river, according to government figures.

It also led to the displacement of more than 3 million people.

In 2016, the Mexican government declared a drought emergency in Ozaaca, and officials launched a massive effort to restore water in the state.

The government has invested heavily in irrigation projects and has built thousands of miles of dams, pumping millions of acre-feet of water into Ozaacas waterways, creating a reservoir of water that’s one-fifth the size of New York City’s.

It has also worked to expand the aqueduct system in Oaxacas, which provides water to more than 1.5 million people and is the main source of drinking water for many of the region’s towns and cities.

A recent analysis by the Federal Emergency Management Agency estimated that, as of March 2019, Oozacan residents had lost about $20 billion in income.

It estimates the damage would have been much worse if not for the government’s actions, such as providing loans and financing for irrigation projects, which have helped alleviate the economic damage and increased the availability of water.

The problem is that it’s not just Ozaabas agricultural problems that are causing water scarcity, the situation in the rest to the region is also dire.

Mexico is one of South America’s poorest nations, and a combination of poor infrastructure and bad governance has contributed to the situation.

The country has one of Latin America’s worst water shortages, with more than 40 percent of the population lacking access to safe drinking water.

Mexico’s drought is not unique.

In many countries, especially in Africa, the problem is exacerbated by poor planning and mismanagement.

A number of countries have water-sharing agreements with neighboring countries, but the United States is one that has not.

Many countries in the European Union have water sharing agreements, but many have failed to make the investment needed to ensure adequate supply.

A water-distribution system that is well designed and managed would have helped countries such as Argentina and Brazil, which are in the process of developing new water systems.

It is important to understand how to plan and manage water-use and distribution in countries such a Oaxaconas, and how it can be improved.

It’s also important to recognize that while it may be good for the environment, it also has a cost, and that is to the economy.

Many communities are not equipped to

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