Launched in 2004, the Edmonton Stingray was the first stingray to go public and was used in the 2010 murder of a man.

It has also been used to hunt down poachers.

The name was chosen because it evokes the watery, blue colour of the stingray, the distinctive blue and green markings that are often associated with the species.

The Edmonton-based Aquafinys company also makes the stinger drone and the sting ray is the only stingray in the world that can use a radio transmitter to communicate with other stingrays.

But it is also the first drone to be manufactured in Australia, with the company having developed a range of commercial products and services to make them.

“Our stinger drones are extremely well engineered and have been manufactured by some of the leading drone manufacturers in Australia,” said Aquafins Chief Executive, Peter Fergusson.

“They are designed for the requirements of a range, such as surveillance, hunting and commercial use, but also for general hobby and hobby-style use.”

The stingrays range includes a small model with a 2.8kg payload, which costs $1,500 and is available for $1 million.

Its larger sibling, the 1.5kg model, can be bought for $5,000, and is sold for $3 million.

Both are capable of delivering more than 10kg of payload.

The stinger is made in Queensland by Australian drone company, AeroTech, and the Stingray has been manufactured at Aquafinas factory in Brisbane since the company launched in 2010.

It uses a range on the order of 10kg, which equates to about 15,000 feet of range.

The sting ray’s range can be extended to 30,000ft.

The company has developed a suite of applications that allow it to operate in water and air, including surveillance, search and rescue, fishing and mapping.

“It’s an extremely useful product that can be used for many different purposes,” Mr Fergisson said.

“A lot of the applications that we’re looking at right now are things like mapping and mapping-based applications, such that the drones can work in the open ocean and the sea and then the drones work in remote areas, and then in areas where there’s not a lot of human presence.”

Mr Faggusson said Aqufins drone is an Australian-made product, making it the only stinger to be made in Australia.

“The stinger has a unique design that’s unique in the industry and unique in Australia because it’s not produced in the United States,” he said.

The use of Australian technology to produce a product in a country that has a lower standard of living, which Mr Fagan said is “one of the reasons that we are so successful” is something the company has been working hard to change.

“Australia is a very high-technology economy, and we’ve got to develop our own technology to make it work,” he explained.

“We’re looking for ways to get the Australian companies to innovate in areas that they don’t have access to.”

Mr Cuthberts new book, The Stingray’s Journey, is available to order now from Amazon.

It is due out in September and will be available on Amazon Prime in Australia and New Zealand.

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