The world has been waiting for a boat that can sail like a boat.

That’s the idea behind the Pontoon, a boat with a boat-like hull that floats and can be pulled by a human.

The Pontoon is the world’s biggest boat, and it can sail in just about any water, but it is also the fastest boat to ever sail the ocean.

And, the new model that debuted on Thursday at the International Ocean Discovery Society conference was the fastest to ever make the journey across the Pacific Ocean.

This new boat was built by a Taiwanese firm, Taipei Yung, and is a prototype, according to the company.

It has a maximum speed of 12 knots (19.5 mph) and a cruising speed of 8 knots (13.3 mph), making it faster than the fastest ship to ever cross the Atlantic, the Russian SS Astra.

But the real difference lies in its handling.

The new boat is a big, lightweight, fast boat.

The main hull of the Ponton is made of steel, which is lighter and stronger than a traditional boat’s hull.

The boat also has an extra big propeller that’s lighter and faster than a conventional boat’s propeller.

This means the Pontont can reach a speed of 25 knots (39.5 kph) while the Astra’s is about 12 knots faster.

The Astra, on the other hand, has a propeller in its bow that can reach speeds of up to 25 knots.

And the new Ponton, which was designed by the Taiwanese company, has two engines that can provide enough power for the boat to be able to reach speeds in excess of 100 knots.

The world is waiting for the fastest sea boat to make it to the ocean The speed of the new boat makes it the world, at least for the moment, the fastest known boat to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

But that doesn’t mean the new ship will be the first to make the trip.

The next fastest boat, the French-built Astra II, has already crossed the Atlantic with the help of a boat built by another Taiwanese firm.

The speed difference between the two boats means that the Astras will be able cross the Pacific by the end of the year.

The pontoon is not the only boat to cross the ocean with help from the boat builders that built the Pontons.

The Russian SS Oleg, which had been scheduled to make its first crossing of the Atlantic last year, was delayed and eventually put back on track.

The ship will sail on the Russian coast by 2020.

However, Oleg has a more difficult time crossing the Atlantic because of the different currents that are pushing it along the coast of the North Atlantic.

The most difficult part of the crossing will be making the boat’s journey across in the cold, wet weather, which means it won’t have much fuel for the voyage.

So it will be interesting to see how the Pontones new boat fares against the Astrals and Olegs.

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