It’s hard to imagine the first time you heard of a folding boat, but if you’re the sort of person who likes to travel and need something to carry around, you’ll probably find a folding bike is just what you’re looking for.

In fact, the world of folding bikes is huge.

It’s now one of the fastest growing segments of the bike industry, and it’s becoming even more popular with families, who may be looking to get away from their daily commute or just need something that won’t get in the way of the kids.

Whether you’re building a folding bicycle or a fully functional one, the following five folding bikes can help you build your dream bike.

What to buy and what to fold We’re here to help you choose a folding motorcycle, and we’ve assembled the best folding bike reviews, guides, and guides for every category you might need to choose from.

Read more about the best bikes for kids.

For more information on folding bikes, check out our article on how to buy a folding motorbike.

Read our full guide on folding motorcycles, including how to fold a bike without a battery.

The best folding bikes for young children We’re always excited to see what your friends, family, or neighbors think of the latest folding bike on the market.

But before we get started, we know you’ll want to know what to expect when folding a bike.

Here are our top picks for the best kids bikes for folding, with reviews, safety tips, and safety features.

Read about how to use a folding scooter to get around.

Read this article on the best foldable bikes for toddlers.

Read the best ways to fold your bike, or get started with our list of the best collapsible bikes for children.

Read all about the foldable bicycles that will make your house stand out, and how to choose the best of the bunch.

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