On a recent rainy night in the Dominican Republic, I watched my first sail on a small fishing boat.

The sun was barely rising, and the water was a deep red.

It felt as if someone was about to drown.

I’d been told to wait for the swell to subside, and I knew the odds of that happening were slim to none.

I sat in the back of the boat, watching the waves crash against the hull.

But I’d made the right decision.

The sun was just rising.

After my first night in an ocean-going boat, I went into the cockpit.

“Get in, pilot,” a woman called from the controls.

I was so excited.

The first time I ever had a boat, my first task was to steer the boat.

But my life was changing.

I wanted to sail.

And that’s when I decided I had to become a boat master.

I spent most of my adult life learning the ropes of the ocean, but by the time I graduated from college, I didn’t have the time or money to spend learning how to swim or sail.

Instead, I spent my time working as a tour guide, helping tourists and locals navigate their way through remote regions of the Dominican, and helping with their day-to-day business.

I became an expert in the fields of watercraft, tourism, and fishing.

I’ve sailed the world’s most beautiful islands and enjoyed many unforgettable moments in my career.

But it wasn’t until I started working as an ocean tour operator that I realized that my dream of sailing around the world was within reach.

At the time, the boat industry was thriving in the Caribbean.

People from all over the world were sailing to and from the Caribbean coast to visit family, friends, and favorite spots, all for the thrill of seeing the stars and seeing a great sunset.

When I got my license, I thought about the ocean I’d seen that first night.

It was a great feeling, knowing I had the chance to see something I’d always wanted to see.

And I knew I was on to something big.

In the Caribbean, boats are big.

The boats are so big, that people often think of them as small.

They are.

But they are huge, and when you think about them, they are bigger than the Statue of Liberty.

I had never been in a boat before.

My first day in the boat was the highlight of my career, and it was an amazing experience.

It had me in awe, but it also gave me the confidence to start sailing my dreams.

I went on to become the first Caribbean captain to win the World Series of Cruises.

It’s a dream come true, and my first time sailing a boat in the world, I knew that my dreams were bigger than any other job I had ever had.

I spent the next three years teaching classes and taking on the world of boats.

As my boat was on the water, I would often make phone calls to friends, family, and other crew members in order to gauge their interest in learning more about me.

One friend said, “Why are you calling me?”

I said, “Because I’m about to sail my dream boat around the Caribbean.”

The next day, I returned to the boat and, after a few hours of hard work, I’d gotten a call.

When I answered, I got a very positive response.

They asked if I wanted a job.

My dream was coming true.

The next thing I knew, I had a job as a charter boat captain.

I loved the freedom and the adventure that it gave me.

The crew was a family, the island was beautiful, and everyone I worked with was so passionate about the sport.

As a charter captain, you get to sail the boats that are cruising around the Bahamas, Bermuda, St. Kitts, and St. Lucia, and to have a group of people to share the joy of a great adventure with.

It’s amazing to think that I’m still sailing in the Bahamas at the age of 44.

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