The NFL and the NFL Players’ Association signed a new agreement inked last week that will go into effect in 2019.

The deal is aimed at keeping players and coaches in the game, and also allows the two sides to share more information.

But it also includes some major changes that could have a big impact on how the league does business in the future.

Here are five things to know about the deal.1.

The new agreement has a couple of key points to it.

First, it calls for a collective bargaining deal that gives the players more rights than the players and the league.

That’s important because it means players will have more say over how the collective bargaining process is run, including how it’s conducted.

For example, in 2018, the players voted to put a salary cap on the salary cap for the next two seasons, and then a new cap for 2019 and 2020.

But that cap would only increase by $25 million annually, and that was only for players who made more than $50 million.

The players want that cap to increase by another $25m annually for the three years after that, and another $100m annually in the fourth year.

They’re also asking the league to give the players a better deal in a future deal, which could include the possibility of an increased salary cap.

But if they don’t get that new deal, they want the players to be able to negotiate with the league and negotiate a new deal for the franchise.

This means that the league will have to negotiate a deal with the players if they want to keep their current franchise.

And if they can’t get a deal, the owners will have the option to fire players and allow new ones to join.

In 2019, the team with the most winning seasons will have a say in whether the franchise can stay in business.

This could be a good thing if the franchise gets an outside offer from an NFL team.2.

The second change is the fact that the new agreement allows for the NFLPA to share information about its negotiations with the union.

The two sides will have access to information from the NFL’s office of the chief legal officer and other NFL players’ union sources.

This would be an important step in helping the union and players get a better feel for how the negotiations are going.3.

The NFLPA is asking the players for a “rule of law” to keep players and their families in the league, which is a pretty big ask.

The league will likely want to limit the number of players that can be with the team at a time, which means it’ll be tough for players to play with a full-time backup quarterback.

But the league can also put a limit on how many players can be in the locker room, and the team could also ban players from leaving the locker rooms during the season.

That could be helpful for teams who have to make a tough decision on who to keep.4.

The most important part of the agreement is that it’s open for the owners to renegotiate it.

The owners will be able negotiate with teams and players individually for years, but they can also go to the owners for a third option to make the negotiations work better, which would be to make certain that players and owners get more information than the league currently has.5.

There are a few things that the union wants to see in the new collective agreement.

The first is a new rule that would give players more control over how their contracts are negotiated.

This is a big change for the union because they’ve been working for years to make sure players have a fair deal in the union, and it’s a big deal for players and fans because it gives them more control.

The rule would give the union more power over how players and teams make the decisions about whether they want a contract.

The union also wants to make clear that it wants the players involved to negotiate the deals they want with the franchise owners.

They don’t want to have to work with owners in this negotiation.

This makes it more likely that the players will negotiate a better contract for themselves than if the union were involved.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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