When you’re planning to take your family to the beaches this year, be sure to look at boat accessories to make sure you get the best deal. 

Here are 10 boat accessories you should consider for this holiday season.1.

Boat TrailerBoats are fun to ride and take in the water, but don’t expect to get away with spending hundreds of dollars for a boat trailer.

Here are a few good options.


Boat RackBoats can be a great addition to your home, or even be used as a makeshift camping trailer. 


Boat CabinShelters are also great places to rent boats, but be sure that the boats you rent are certified for life in the ocean. 


Boat TarpBoats for sale at Harbor Rentals.com offer some of the best rates around, so make sure to consider the value.


Boat StandLifetime rental of a boat is a great way to make money on your vacation, but there are also some good reasons to rent a boat instead of buying one yourself. 


Boat ShelterBoats offer a different type of space to stay in than a regular room, but it doesn’t have to be in a house.

Here is a few places to go when renting boats in the wilderness.


Boat Boat PackingBoxes are great for camping and other outdoor activities, but the real value comes from finding and buying the right boats to rent. 


Boat Boats for RentFor every boat you rent, you can always expect to spend about $500 on rental fees.

The good news is that most of the time, they will be covered by insurance.

Here are some other ways to save money on boats:•Buy the boat yourself at Harbor Resorts.com or a similar online boat rental site. 

The price is cheaper than renting the boat for a day, but you’ll get the boat you want at a higher rate. 

•Buy an affordable boat for your vacation. 

If you can afford the boat, it’s definitely worth it to take it with you on your trip. 


Boat AccessoriesFor some of these boats, you’ll be able to get great deals.

Here’s a few of the good ones to consider.•Door RackBooms are great if you’re camping out with friends or family. 

It also makes sense to have a second set of doors to hang up on, so you can still use them for cooking, shopping, or other activities. 

But if you want to rent these, it makes sense not to rent them on the weekends. 


Boat TentThe best part about renting boats is that you can use them as a place to camp.

But if you really want to enjoy the ocean, then make sure that you get a good sized tent. 

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