The Arima is a boat accessory that allows you to add a boat hardtop to your interior.

The Arima features a metal bumper on the front of the boat that allows the user to easily attach a hardtop on their boat.

The Arma boat accessories include: Arma Boat Hardtop : A hardtop that is removable and allows you add a hard top on your boat.

Arma Hardtop Bracket : A bracket that attaches the hardtop onto your boat by sliding the bracket onto the boat, then attaching the bracket to the hard top.

Safocean Boat Hardtops : These are boats that are made of waterproof material that are waterproof to 10 meters (33 feet) in the deepest waters.

They are made from polyethylene, which is very durable and can withstand extreme conditions.

The boats are waterproof up to 30 meters (100 feet) at sea level, so you can easily keep them afloat at the deepest part of the ocean. 

Safosafe Bumper : The Safocean Bumper has two rubber plates that can be attached to the back of the Bumper. 

These rubber plates are then secured to the underside of the backside of the hardtops. 

Armalog Hardtop: This hardtop is a flexible plastic material that allows users to attach a boat to their boat by sliding it onto the hard bottom. 

The Solo Bumper  is also an optional accessory.

The Solo Bumper can be purchased for $99, or $149 for a set of four. 

 Armia Softbumper: The Arma Softbump is a softbump that can attach to the rear of your boat by sliding it onto your hard top, then attached to your boat with Velcro. 

It is also available in four colors. 

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