Supposedly, the new boat was supposed to cost around $2,000 when it was first announced.

However, the price dropped to around $1.3k when the boat was revealed in April 2018.

It was originally advertised as an all-rounder with a range of six modes and four paddle modes.

But when it first came out, the scotter was listed as the only paddle mode available.

The original scotters have a maximum speed of just under 20kmh, and it’s unclear if the new one will offer a speed bump.

But given the price cut and the lack of paddle modes, it looks like the scooter will be available in a range that includes the basic scotting style.

The boat also features a large rear deck, a large roof, and is made of aluminium.

It’s also said to be “easy to use” and “well-balanced”.

A boat like this could be a good addition to a family’s camping or fishing trips, or maybe even a fun and affordable way to get around the city.

Supposed to cost $2.2k when it’s first announced, the latest model is reportedly going for $2k.

It has two modes, paddle mode and water mode, and the scotty kayak will have four paddle mode paddles and four water mode paddlers.

Supposing it has a speed limit of 15kmh or less, the kayak should be a great choice for recreational kayaking, but there’s no word on a price yet.

We’re expecting a boat that will cost between $2-3k at launch, so the new scottor will likely have to wait a while before it’s available.

We’ll have more on this new boat as it comes out. is an independent news site.

For more information on what you can expect when the scots Bay kayaks are announced, please read our news release.

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